Terms & Conditions

  • Voicearts.eu reserves the right to make changes to or remove the offer without providing any reason and informing the site user. The customer is obligated to follow the information provided on the site. Voicearts.eu does not fulfill orders for large events and music festivals, and the names of such events are prohibited in the text.
  • VoiceArts.eu is not responsible for data loss due to a buyer’s disk crash. In such cases, the customer is responsible for creating a backup copy of the purchased product.
  • Voicearts.eu does not maintain an archive of orders. We will not be liable for or refund any money or provide compensation for damage to the customer’s hard disk.
  • The customer is obligated to submit a text without grammatical errors; it must be correct. Voicearts.eu does not correct errors in the text and is not responsible for recording vocals with errors in the submitted text.
  • The customer must provide a voice recording with the pronunciation of names, nicknames, city names, etc. If the buyer fails to include the correct pronunciation in the voice file (mp3, m4a, wav), and our voice actor records the name incorrectly, the complaint will not be considered because the buyer did not provide us with the correct file. Money will not be refunded, and the text will not be corrected unless for an agreed fee.
  • After the completion of the order and receipt of the vocal, the customer can no longer make any changes to the text or request the re-recording of the vocal. After receiving the vocal, the realization is considered complete, and making changes is no longer possible. It is necessary to place a new order.
  • The purchased vocal becomes the property of the buyer, and they may dispose of it as they wish. Voicearts.eu reserves the right to refuse processing an order when one of the terms and conditions is violated.


Complaints are accepted only when:

  • The customer sends the correct text along with a voice file containing the correct pronunciation of all names in the text. If these conditions are met and our voice actor still records the vocal with errors, you are entitled to a full refund or re-recording of the vocal.
  • If the customer sends a text with errors or does not send a voice file with the correct pronunciation of nicknames and names, or sends a file with the pronunciation of not all nicknames and names, the complaint will not be considered. Money will not be refunded to the buyer, and the order will not be corrected unless for an agreed fee.

For questions regarding the rules, please send an email to office@voicearts.eu