Chooice Voice Reader

Choose from 12 professional voice readers! The recorded language is English. You can choose a male or female voice.

Send us Your Text

You have created a perfect text, now you need the right voice to deliver it. Our teacher will record it for you!

1-5 Days Delivery

We will deliver two files to you within 1 – 5 days (depending on the reader)

12 Professional Voice Actors

Check out Male & Female Trailer Voice Actors!

Compose your own jingle or send any text. Choose the actor that’s perfect for you. You can use purchased vocal in the full scope for commercial and non-commercial aims.

  • English Language
  • 1-5 Days Delivery
  • Master & Unmaster Version
  • WAV 16 bit Format
  • Perfect for Videos & Movies
  • Perfect for Radio & Podcast

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